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Arianne || Ryan
18 June 2010 @ 12:00 am

Arianne || Ryan
Took me 6 hours to actually finish this @__@Collapse )

For WORLITE. UGH. @__@ Tell me what you think if you have time? :)
Arianne || Ryan
02 November 2009 @ 06:41 pm
But love for a group is proof of how much faith a person has in them, and the fact that I still love them despite all this is proof enough that their still is something to fight for. I guess it's God's way of telling us not to give up, of telling us that there's still some truth behind the unity that DBSK have prided themselves of all these years.

Let's think about everything objectively, alright?

The lawsuit all happened around the time the three members were involved in the investment of beauty products. And it's true, most probably; SM's claim that the boys did it behind their backs. Articles told us that One of the three members' parents contacted Changmin's father regarding the whole affair. This said, I think that Jaejoong's, Yoochun's, and Junsu's refusal to terminate contracts with Cre Breau was more out of the word of their parents than it was their decision. Think about it (and I quote a good friend of mine when I say this), why would the three most musically passionate members of the group give up their dreams for a beauty company? Don't you think it doesn't make sense either? For profit, sure. But why complain now, after having suffered it for 5 years? And why would they have any qualms over profit after Yoochun bought his parents a house, an ice cream shop, and what not? Why, after Jaejoong bought himself an Audi R8 (which, if you all might not know, can buy about three houses for the price of one car)?

Yunho and Changmin? Friends and fans alike, I want you to read the letter and the article again. Do you honestly think that Yunho and Changmin will agree to saying anything like that without an outside hand in it? We may not know them personally, but we've followed them for six years and none of what they've shown us will point to them having willingly agreed to this. Again, I think it's the fault of the fathers.

Aren't all celebrity parents like that? Let's face it, when your kids are famous, as parents, they can only want more.

I don't think Yoochun's tears at Saitama were shed for nothing, nor were all of their tears at Shanghai. I don't think that "TVXQ! WE'RE THE ONE ETERNALLY" was screamed out so passionately in Tokyo Dome simply to to put on a show. I don't think "Arasseo, Arasseo" was said out of vain after the cheers of "Midoyo". I don't think the three members' constant conditions to keep the group together throughout the lawsuit were said for nothing. I don't think they want us to go through all this, and I don't think they're in any way divided as a group or a family.

What I do think is that were the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki given their own say in this, they would have, and always will choose to stand together like they always have.

I don't know if this means anything to the many of us who have had our days ruined and our fandoms crushed; but let's all continue to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH until the last word is out. I firmly believe that DBSK will not let us down.